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SunLED new product release: XZMDKCBDDG45S-9 - Reverse-Mount RGB PLCC SMD LED


Melexis announces new automotive-grade fan driver ICs for small applications


Ultra small size and advanced soft-switching delivers low EMI and acoustic noise operation to th

Rubycon`s new Products and recent Updates


Check out

IEI Launches the New POC-W24C-ULT3 24” Medical Grade Panel PC


IEI Corp. launches the new POC-W24C-ULT3 24”

Hosonic: World`s leading professional crystal resonators and crystal oscillators manufacturers


EM MicroElectronic`s EM9304 brings Bluetooth® 4.2 with high-performance and tiny chip


Learn about RAFI USA, Inc. Emergency-Stop Products


Be it small or big, round or square, reset by pulling or rotation, rugged or design-oriente

Check out Fedco Batteries: Specialist in Battery Design, Manufacture and Distribution.


Fedco Batteries™ engineers and manufactures quality batteri

NetPower`s QPS4012x100: 36-75V Input, 1.2V 100A Output Quarter Brick Converter


Standex-Meder`s Planar Transformers for E-Car Applications


World’s smallest Bluetooth chip by EM Microelectronic


Knape&Vogt`s new Desktop Sit-Stand 'Volante'


Sumida`s SMD power inductor series CDEP**D**/T150; Wound by flat wire and assembled with a Mn-Zn ferrite core


GaN System`s PFC Design – Maximizing Efficiency and Lowering Cost with GaN Transistors


Standex-Meder`s Reed Sensors for hot tubs and spas


Heating Systems in hot Tubs and Spas use

AstrodyneTDI introduces a high density open frame AC/DC power supply: ASM400 series


New high density open frame AC/DC Power Supply from

Irisio Electronics 'Board To Board connectors'


Check out

LEM`s HO range extension - High performance, cost effective, contactless current Transducers



Kyocera introduces 6.2" LCD Display featuring Advanced Wide Viewing Technology for best optical performance


Kyocera, a world-leading electronic device manufacturer, introduced a 6.2” LCD displa

Custom Pressure Sensors from Merit Sensor for the Aerospace Industry


Have a look at 

SunLED`s PX Series: Pulse Oximetry LEDs available now


Standex-Meder`s ATEX Optocouplers


Telit introduces Bluetooth 4.2 Host Controller Interface Module with Integrated Chip Antenna.


Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), announced the BL871E2-HI, a dual-m

Wima`s Metallized Film Capacitors with extended ranges


Wima`s Metallized Film Capacitors with extended ran

Rubycon`s winding type conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Hybrid type)


Rectron`s new SM Bridge Rectifiers


Looking to reduce size of the bridge?

LEM introduces open-loop Hall effect Current Transducers with digital outputs


LEM announces digital output versions of HO and HLSR open-loop Hall effect current transducers wi

Sumida Corp. released PIN type Inductor for LED Application: RPT109


Excelsys introducing 600W bulk power module for CoolX power supply series


Excelsys introduces 600W bulk power output module for market leading, convection cooled C

GaN Systems released new Application Note highlighting paralleling GaN devices to reach 650V, 240A


GaN transistors exhibit exceptional paralleling capabilities. App Note GN004 is a practical

Melexis announces second-generation Triaxis® resolver motor position sensor.


Melexis announces a new se

IEI launches the New Handheld 1D/2D Barcode Reader - HTDB-100 Series


IEI`s New Handheld 1D/2D Barcode Reader - HTDB-100 Series. Features include:

Check out Standex-Meder Electronics Transformers for Alternative Energy, Medical and Smart Grid Applications


Custom designed Standex Electronics magnetics and power conversion components are used in a

Check out KV Server slides with built in cable management system


KV has a complete lineup of slides and cable management systems&n

Check out Melexis TOF sensors for collision and avoidance systems.


The Melexis MLX75023 is a QVGA (320x240 pixel) resolution optical Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera s

American Zettler AZ2800 and AZ2850 relays post top-of-the-market 40A rating


Aliso Viejo, CA – August 8th, 2016 – American Zettler recently

GaN Systems Inc: GaN Technology is set to Replace Silicon Technology because of its Superior Characteristics.


Gallium Nitride (GaN) has a wide band gap and owing to its advanced features such as high breakdo

Learn more about Standex Meder Electronics Hall effect sensors


Standex-Meder Hall Effect Sensors offer solid state reliability, 

IEI Launches a new industrial mothewboard- the THIN mini ITXtKINO-BW


  ● Thin Mini-ITX form factor with

Excelsys releases revolutionary new Modular Fanless Power Supply, the COOLx600


The CoolX600 Series is the new, revolutionary, convection-cooled modular power supply that delive

Energy Efficient: Switch Green Solutions from Standex-Meder


Standex Meder has new Sustainable and Green Solutions for Altern

GaN Systems at the Heart of Your System


GaN Systems is passionate about being accessible, collaborative, innovative, and sharing informat

American Zettler releases new line of high efficiency miniature power relays.


American Zettler released a new line of 

Fuji Electric Announces Release of New High-Speed Discrete IGBT Series


Fuji Electric has added a new lineup of power semiconductors to its product portfolio with the &l

Gainspan's new low power module GS780MIZ supports Bluetooth Smart Technology.


At CES this year GainSpan® Corporation, announced the

Sun LED releases worlds smallest LED


As new product designs become smaller and more compact, the need for smaller components has becom

Sumida releases high power inductor for use in high efficiency circuits.


In order to achieve high electric performance and high magnetic shielding, 2 kinds of metal mater

Fuji Electric Introduces 7th Gen. IGBT Module for Industrial Applications


Edison, NJ - 

Standex Meder October newsletter


Standex Meder October newsletter. Click

ZMDI’s Sensing Division Releases World-Class Devices in Q2 2015


In the second quarter of 2015, ZMDI released seven new products to the global market through its

New VersoLEDs from SunLED


SunLED is introducing a series of LED's that breaks away from application defined limitations. Th

ZMDI Introduces new ZSPM4023 DC/DC buck regulators


ZSPM4023 product family ICs are constant-frequency, synchronous DC/DC buck regulators featuring a

Excelsys introduce the New Reactive Load powerMod series of plug-in DC output modules-optimized for Reactive Loads


Excelsys Technologies today introduced the Reactive Load powerMod series of plug-in DC output mod

ZMDI presents at Long Beach Sensor Expo


ZMDI, a global semiconductor company, further bolsters its mobile and multi-market sensing portf

IEI Launches the KINO-SE-i2 Mini ITX Motherboard


Features: Mini-IT

KYOCERA Introduces Robust 4.2" and 5.0" TFT LCD Displays for Outdoor Applications


The new 4.2-inch TFT LCD panel (T-57152GD042H-LW-AAN) features a 480 x 272 resolution, brightness

Standex Meder-Electronica China


Missed Electronic Chi

ZMDI releases the ZAMC4100 actuator and motor controller


The ZAMC4100 Actuator and Motor Controller is an integrated, single package solution that feature

Standex Meder Technical Library


In Standex Meder's comprehensive tecnical library You'll find all FAQs concerning Reed Switches,

Standex Meder, Reed Relays/Switches.


To learn more about Standex Meder reed relays watch the tutorials

Viking Releases Thin Film Resistor Array TFAN


Thin Film Resistor Array TFAN Series offers the absolute tolerance of 0.1%, Extremely low TC

Tamura Releases DC-to-DC Converter for PV Applications


Designed to replace low-voltage wiring to the PV array to power data acquisition system el

ZMDI releases the ZSSC416x/7x Sensor Signal Conditioner Family


ZMDI releases the ZSSC416x/7x Sensor Signal Conditioner Family combining high-accuracy amp

ZMDI, announces the ZSPM1508 True-Digital PWM Controller IC


ZMDI announces the ZSPM1508 single-phase, true-digital pulse-width modulator (PWM) power c

American Zettler released its newest Relay AZ7709


AmericanZettler released its newest Relay AZ7709 to meet more stringent market requir

KYOCERA introduces new 7.0" WVGA TFT LCDs


KYOCERA introduces new 7.0" WVGA (800x480)  TFT LCDs featuring its fully integrated on cell

STANDEXMEDER`s KSK-1A82 ; world's smallest high current Reed Switch



TOREX introduces XCL219/220 world's Smallest 1A Buck Micro DC/DC.


TOREX introduces XCL219/220 world's Smallest 1A Buck Micro DC/DC. Hi-Sat cot control, fast transi

ZMDI released digital controller for powering next-generation enterprise networking and storage equipment


ZMDI released the ZSPM1505/6 single–phase true–digital power controllers optimized fo

TOREX introduced fully adjustable Voltage Detectors with VSEN & WDT


TOREX introduced fully adjustable Voltage Detectors with VSEN & WDT. High accuracy, high oper

STANDEX-MEDER developing world's smallest high voltage Reed Switch KSK‐1A35/1 series


STANDEX-MEDER developing world's smallest high voltage Reed Switch KSK‐1A35/1 series. Maximum g

TOREX released ultra low power, small size XC6190 Push Button Reset Controller


TOREX released ultra low power, small size XC6190 Push Button Reset Controller.  

ZMDI designed Smart Power Management ZSPM15xx family ICs


ZMDI designed Smart Power Management ZSPM15xx family ICs ; Controllers for high-current

Mvinix Systems delivering complete end-to-end electronic manufacturing capabilities


Mvinix Systems delivering highest quality in SMT Assembly, PCB Layout, Mechanical Design, an

Kyocera presents two latest high-efficiency TFT-LCD displays


Kyocera presents two latest high-efficiency TFT-LCD displays. 10.4" XGA (TCG104XGLP) and 12.1'' X

MegaChips launched sub-Ghz band low-cost BlueChip Wireless communication LSI (Model: MAB0100)


MegaChips launched sub-Ghz band low-cost BlueChip Wireless communication LSI (Model: MAB0100

ApexMaterialTechnology(AMT) designing and manufacturing high-performance, high-durability Touch products.


ApexMaterialTechnologyCorp.(AMT) designing and manufacturing high-performance, high-durabili

TOREX launched XC6129 series of ultra small Voltage Detectors.


TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. launched XC6129 series of ultra small Voltage Detectors. High accuracy,

ParkerVision introduced PV5870; Direct conversion quadrature Modulator / Demodulator.


ParkerVision introduced PV5870; Direct conversion quadrature modulator / demodulator designed for

AmericanZettler releases AZ7709 its newest appliance Relay


AmericanZettler releases AZ7709 its newest appliance Relay - 10 AMP sub-mini POWER RELAY. Designe

ASC developing range of highly efficient DC Filters


ASC developing range of highly efficient DC Filters; Inverter Bus Link series (IBL), Inverter Fil

ZMDI presents ZSPM2000; a True-Digital single-phase PWM Controller


ZMDI presents ZSPM2000; a True-Digital single-phase PWM Controller. Integrates a high-speed MOSFE

Viking Tech. manufacturing Integrated Passive Devices.


Viking Tech. manufacturing Integrated Passive Devices. Offering best quality ‘Resistor

Standex-Meder Electronics developed high- performance Planar Transformers


Standex-Meder Electronics developed high- performance Planar Transformers. Compact, low-profile p

Power-Plus providing instant & accurate Power solutions


Power-Plus providing Power Supplies, Converters, UPS systems, Fans, Filters, Line

ZMDI released Battery Management ICs ZSSC1750 and ZSSC1751


ZMDI released Battery Management ICs ZSSC1750 and ZSSC1751.High-precision and resolution data-acq

ASC manufacturing high-quality Film and Foil Capacitors


ASC manufacturing high-quality film and foil Capacitors. Offering life rating of 100,000 hours an

DATARAM offers competitively priced and highest reliability Memory Products


DATARAM offers competitively priced and highest reliability Memory Products for best perform

MegaChips announces Sensor Hub LSI “frizz”


MegaChips announces SensorHub LSI “frizz”. Located between the main processor and the

KYOCERA Display launched new family of TFT-LCDs featuring its innovative AWV Technology


KYOCERA Display launched new family of TFT-LCDs featuring its innovative Advanced Wide View (AWV)

Printec designing and manufacturing excellent quality & best possible cost Human Interface Devices


Printec designing and manufacturing high-quality Human Interface Devices. Producing excellent sta

ZMDI launches ZSSC3218; 18-Bit Sensor Signal Conditioner for Consumer Barometric Pressure and Thermopile Sensors


ZMDI launches ZSSC3218 ; A leading-edge, energy-efficient, high-Precision 18-bit Sensor Signal Co

ASC designed IGBT Snubber Capacitors for Power Electronics


ASC designed 329/X329  IGBT Snubber Capacitors. 329 combining self healing metallized film a

StandexMeder announced GP560 series of miniature ReedSwitches


StandexMeder announced GP560 series of miniature ReedSwitches. Ensures long life, maintain low co

ADDA unveils AS4028 DC cooling Fan


ADDA unveils AS4028 series of 40x40x28mm high pressure, high airflow DC cooling

Megachips high quality AFE chips


Megachips high performance, low power Analog FrontEnd (AFE) ICs; Integrated AD/DA converter, prog

FujiElectric`s high performance IGBTs


FujiElectric develops 6th generation IGBT/FWD chipsets. Greater power output, excellent turn On/O

ZMDI presents ZSPM4023 Family of DC/DC Regulators


ZMDI presents ZSPM4023 family ICs of DC/DC buck Regulators. High efficiency, ultra-fast transient

TOREX developed Low ON resistance High Function Power Switch Series


TOREX XC8107/8/9 series of high-function Power Switch ICs with an internal Pch MOS. Over current

American-Zettler`s Automotive Electromechanical Relays


American Zettler offering wide series of  micro-ISO, mini-ISO and PCB mounted Electromechani

Megachips`s capacitor-less LDO Linear Regulator


Megachips`s capacitor-less LDO (Low Drop Out) MA10010Sxy linear regulator. Perfect for analog and

KYOCERA developed Industrial TFT Displays with LED Backlights


KYOCERA Display released Industrial TFT-LCD with LED backlights. Long lifetime, LED backlights fi

StandexMeder released Vane Operated Reed Sensor MK28 for harsh environments


StandexMeder introduced Vane Operated Reed Sensor MK28 for harsh environments; combining reed sen

ZMDI Magnetic Position Sensor ZSSC5101 using MagnetoResistive sensing Technology


ZMDI developed Magnetic Position Sensors ZSSC5101 using MagnetoResistive sensing technology. Cont

Standex MEDER introduces smart Bilge Pump water-level sensors


Standex MEDER developed Smart Bilge Pump Sensors series that accurately detect a

Fuji Releases Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diodes


Fuji Electric has recently released their new silicon carbide based schottky barrier diodes.

Fuji IGBT Module series for AT-NPC 3-level 12-in-1


Fuji has released the new IGBT Module series for AT-NPC 3-level.  Features include:&n

Megachips LSI


Megachips offers LSIs for the Games & Digital Home Electronics.   

Kyocera to release OnCell touch panel


Kyocera is to release OnCell touch panels to their displays. Some of the benefits of this technol

Fuji Releases V-Series IGBT


Fuji Electric has recently launched their V-Series IGBTS. These modules are for 3-Level inverters

Dataram Unveils Radeon R9 2400 Gamer Series Memory


Dataram Corporation , launched its AMD Radeon™ R

NetPower Introduces 3.3V/60A eighth brick converter


NetPower announces the addition of a high current eighth brick converter to its 48V input ei

ASC High Current Single Phase Capacitors


ASC™ HC (High Current) single phase capacitors are manufactured with very high qualit

Lighting remains “a bright spot” with new ballast ratings on American Zettler relays


 American Zettler is continuing to make 2014 a defining year by announcing a host of new rat

ZMDI release ZSSC416x


ZMDI announces the ZSSC416x, the first in ZMDI’s series of next generation of sensor signal

Torex's XCL101 Series, Ultra Low Power, Step-Up, Micro DC/DC Converter with Integrated Coil


Torex has developed the XCL101 series, the first step-up type converter in the XCL series o

Torex's USPQ-4B04 release


The USPQ-4B03, USPQ-4B04 is an ultra-small 1.0mm x 1.0mm size package.

Renco Releases High Current Version of RL-5480HC


Renco Electronics announces the release of the company’s high current version of the

American Zettler Releases new 30A-50A relay


In its most recent effort to remain a leader in latching relays for energy management and lightin

ZMDI Launches ZSSC3027


ZMDI announces the launch of the ZSSC3027, a leading-edge 16-bit sensor signal conditi

ZMDI and Murata Power Solutions Launch True-Digital Point-Of-Load Solutions



Torex releases XC8107/XC8108 Series Power Switches


TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD. has developed the XC8107/XC8108 series of power switches with a lo

MK24 Series of Ultra-Miniature Surface Mount Reed Sensors


MEDER electronic Inc., a manufacturer of precise, reliable, and long-lasting miniature switches,

Kyocera Displays - ABN Technology for Passive Monochrome LCDs


Originally developed by KYOCERA Display as one of it technological innovations for the American a

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      Excelsys - Xgen Powerpac Description
      EXCELSYS Configure Xgen
      EXCELSYS Configure Xgen
      EXCELSYS Configure Xgen
      Excelsys CoolX Analog Interface
      Excelsys CoolX Configure
      Excelsys CoolX Connectivity
      Excelsys CoolX External Cooling
      Excelsys CoolX Introduction
      Excelsys CoolX Medical
      Excelsys CoolX Value
      Excelsys Enabling & Disabling your Xgen PowerPac
      EXCELSYS Hi Pot Testing
      Excelsys How to connect to your Xgen
      EXCELSYS Inductive & Reactive Loads
      Excelsys Input & Output Signals
      EXCELSYS Laser Diode Applications
      EXCELSYS Medical Power Supplies
      EXCELSYS PLE Group
      EXCELSYS Ruggedised Power Supplies
      EXCELSYS What is Xgen
      EXCELSYS Wide Trim
      EXCELSYS Xgen in parallel
      EXCELSYS Xgen in series
      Excelsys Xgen Power Supply Current Limit Protection
      Excelsys Xgen Power Supply Short Circuit Protection
      Excelsys Xgen Power Supply Short Circuit Protection
      Excelsys Xgen Power Supply Thermal Shut Down Protection
      Excelsys Xgen Power Supply Thermal Shut Down Protection
      EXCELSYS Xgen Reliability
      EXCELSYS Xgen XF series Power Supply
      EXCELSYS XSOLO Power Supply
      Excelsys: Running XGen in Parallel
      Excelsys: What is XGen?